Hang player

hang player

l'improvvisazione sta alla base dell' Hang e della sua filosofia, quindi un inizio del viaggio costruito. Gérard Spencer is a musician born in Luxembourg in , and brought up in Brussels. His interest in music started quite late: he was 12 when he saw the film. goldenseven.win this is the Hang Playing Hedge Monkeys, live at the Edinburgh festival.


Paolo Borghi - Hang Player - Electronic Flight

Hang player - genau

Somehow music was always…. In the second generation, Integral Hang and Free Integral Hang adjustment of the size of the Gu by partially blocking it with either a hand, or the legs can generate a sympathetic D 2 from the Helmholtz resonance, which introduces subtle layers of cross complexities in the resonance of the instrument as notes are played on the Ding side. What a revelation, what a gorgeous sound… it was love at first sight! Ziel ist die Entwicklung einer improvisierten Musik , die mit diesem aufeinander abgestimmten Panginstrumenten-Ensemble gespielt wird. Written by Danny Cudd on his homepage:

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